The Vitamin Cure Clinically Proven Remedies to Prevent and Treat 75 Chronic Diseases and Conditions Based on over 40 years of research and hundreds of leading studies, The Vitamin Cure is a comprehensive guide to improving overall health with vitamin and essential element therapies. According to Dr. Monte Lai, a nutrient deficient diet and unhealthy lifestyle are by far the two most important environmental factors associated with the causes of a host of chronic diseases. The Vitamin Cure provides a comprehensive overview of how vitamin and essential element therapies are the key to treating and preventing many of the chronic conditions. - BUY BOOK
Monte Lai, PhD

Dr. Monte Lai is formerly a professor of biophysics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where his research focused on the field of free radicals in biology and medicine. Most recently, he was CEO of the pharmaceutical Medinox, Inc, focusing on the design and development of new pharmaceutical drugs

For the past two decades he has been at the forefront of the research on the pros and cons of therapeutic drugs in treating diseases and conditions. Currently he devotes his time to educating the public and medical community on ways to improve health and wellbeing.

Monte currently resides in Carlsbad, California

Inside The Vitamin Cure

What you'll discover

  • Comprehensive information on 27 vitamins and essential elements
  • How to safely and effectively treat major killers and nagging chronic health issues with vitamins, minerals, omega-3's, and nutrients
  • 5 science-based secrets for staying healthy
  • Why sufferers of autoimmune diseases should not eat meat
  • The vital importance of physical activity to brain health
  • Why antioxidants are so crucial for successful aging
  • Therapies to treat & prevent Alzheimer's, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and more!



While the internet is chock full of health related information about vitamins and essential elements, it is difficult to sort through all available information to build a reliable knowledge base to improve health. The aim of this book is to provide readers with easily accessible evidence-based knowledge about vitamins and essential elements for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The Vitamin Cure relies on a statistical method known as meta-analysis (combining data from multiple studies) that is currently the most reliable method for assessing the efficacy of vitamins or essential elements in preventing or treating chronic diseases.

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